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Major Site Revamp

Posted by Kieran on

You may have noticed we have had major overhaul of the website. With this new update comes a whole host of new products and an update of some of our best sellers too. This includes better prices so now you will be getting the best products at the best prices.

Be sure to check out our new store and tell us what you think!

3 Awesome Wearable Spy Gadgets

If you need to capture evidence on the go the best way to do this is with a wearable device. The best thing about wearable devices is that they are extremely discrete, barely noticeable to the untrained eye. We have a range of wearable spy gadgets and below we have selected three of our favourites. SG6 Spy Sunglasses Theses stylish sunglasses [...]

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Snap Up Flashy Wildlife Pictures

Are you a lover of David Attenborough and you simply can't get enough of wildlife? The filming crew have waited hours, days, weeks and months to capture perfect footage and images. However, some of us are aware that it's not possible to spend so much time waiting for the right moment. All you need to [...]

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The Ultimate Door Jammer Security Device

Feel safer wherever you go with this simple and effective door jammer. To use you insert the bottom piece under the door, depending on the gap between the jammer and the door you can tighten the threshold so it fits securely in place. To do this you simply tighten the bolt by twisting it until [...]

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Smile, You're On Camera

If you need to record your work meetings or a conversation with someone then these are the perfect spy gadgets that'll do just the job and more! Have a bit of fun with a smiley face camera badge that has video and audio recording, MP3 player, SD card slot and simply clips on to your person. [...]

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Why Dictaphones Are Useful

So you're looking for some fun spy gadgets, then you're in the right place. Today we're here to give you some good reasons as to why dictaphones are so useful. Now the big dictaphones are good for voice recording and very useful in interviews but the point is - if you're looking for something undetectable and [...]

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Get The 007 Feeling

Love your gadgets? Then you'll love all of the items we have to offer. If you're a big fan of James Bond and love playing around with fun new bits then you will certainly keep yourself occupied with some discreet hidden cameras. Dress to impress with a formal 007 style tie that isn't just any [...]

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Record Your Sporting Holidays

We've all watched You've Been Framed where people have recorded some accidents or some really awesome tricks and have left us helpless. However, as we sit and watch - we do wonder how they have managed to record these incidents at exactly the right time. So get the inside scoop and record your cool escapades [...]

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Caught in the wild!

#BlueDuck got caught in the wild yesterday by one of our Trail Cameras.  I think he looks up to no good but I suppose he could be out for an afternoon jaunt... @SpySpaceGadgets

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Action/Sports Cameras

Our sports action camera boasting a full HD 1080p resolution is perfect for capturing all your coolest action moments, simply strap it to your helmet and you’re ready to go. As well as recording in 1080p it can also be set to 720p to save you on storage space. The camera records in loop video filming, meaning that it deletes previous [...]

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